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Unboxing de Collector PS Vita Edition Collector | Edition Limitée

Reverie PS Vita - Limited Edition - EastAsiaSoft

  • Reverie Game
  • Reverie Game Manual
  • Reverie Soundtrack CD
  • Reverie Numbered Certificate
  • Map and Collector’s Box

Shiren The Wanderer : The Tower of Fortune And The Dice of Fate - Eternal Wanderer Edition - Arkys Games

  • Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate game
  • Shiren The Wanderer Series 20th Anniversary Hardcover Art Book (64pgs. Size- 5”x7”)
  • Nonary Bracelet (One size fits all. Mixed media bracelet featuring the Japanese symbol for ‘9’)
  • Nonary Display Box (Metal tin featuring art of the mysterious Tower of Fortune. Size- 4.5”x .75”x 3.25”)
  • Limited Edition Soundtrack (Featuring 10 tracks from Shiren’s latest adventure)
  • Sturdy Collector’s Box (Size- 5.5”x 2.5” x7.5”)

XenoCrisis PS Vita - Limited Edition - EastAsiaSoft

Cette édition limitée à 2000 exemplaires :
  • Le jeu
  • Manuel
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Numbered Certificate
  • Collector’s Box

Ganbare Super Strikers - Limited Edition - EastAsiaSoft

Cette édition limitée à 1000 exemplaires contient :

  • Le jeu
  • Le Manuel du jeu
  • La bande son sur CD (5 pistes)
  • Un certificat numéroté
  • Une boite collector